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The Spanish Institute of Oceanography was created in 1914. It is a public research body devoted to research in marine sciences. It especially focuses on scientific knowledge of oceans, sustainability of marine resources and the marine environment. IEO carries out basic and applied research as well as provides scientific and technological advice to the Spanish administrations on issues relating to oceanography and marine sciences. It is the government's research and advisory body in terms of sectoral fisheries policy. It represents Spain in most of the international fora and bodies related with the sea and its resources.
It has its main headquarters in Madrid and nine oceanographic centres distributed along the Spanish coast: A Coruña, Balearic Islands (Palma), Cadiz, Canary Islands (Tenerife), Gijon, Malaga, Murcia, Santander and Vigo. In addition, the IEO has also pilot factories for marine fish farming testing, a satellite receiving station, a oceanographic fleet (i.e. 20 vessels, including eight important oceanographic ships), etc.
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