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EurOcean - The European Centre for Information on Marine Science and Technology, established in 2002, is an independent scientific non-governmental body consisting of members including leading European marine organisations whose aim is to be focal point for information on marine science and technology in Europe. EurOcean develops its activities in such a way as to favour collaboration with its members and maximise the benefits from existing activities in the field of marine science and technologies. EurOcean operates through networks and relies, as far as possible, on the competent structures existing at national and European levels in order to implement its work programme. The Internet portal provides information on topics related to marine science and technology in Europe with a priority given to three main domains: Marine Research Infrastructures, Marine Knowledge Management and Ocean Public Outreach and Education Activities. EurOcean also contributes to initiatives aiming to implement a European Marine Research Area and the European Maritime Policy. Examples of EurOcean products are its open access infobases such as: European Marine Research Infrastructures Database and Marine Knowledge Gate - an innovative tool which provides an inventory of European and National funded Marine Science and Technology Projects and their Knowledge Outputs (products).
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