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EMSA (the European Maritime Safety Agency) operates and manages a suite of systems which receive, process, and distribute information on vessel traffic reports (LRIT, SafeSeaNet), satellite monitoring (CleanSeaNet), and Port State Control (Thetis). The services produced by these systems are shared with Member States and the Commission, to supplement and enhance national capacity for vessel traffic monitoring, Port State Control, and maritime pollution preparedness and response. Although the focus is predominantly on supporting operational activities for improving maritime safety, these services could also provide in future a clearer picture of a broad range of activities in the maritime domain, building a common picture across EU maritime interests.
Furthermore, the SafeMed Project has as a main objective to develop Euro-Mediterranean co-operation in the field of maritime safety and security, prevention of pollution from ships and marine environmental issues by providing technical advice and support to the non-EU Mediterranean countries identified in the 1995 Barcelona Process (
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