Policy-oriented marine Environmental Research for the Southern European Seas

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Policy-oriented marine Environmental Research for the Southern European Seas (PERSEUS) is an interdisciplinary research project aimed to promote better governance and achieve Good Environmental Status across the Southern European Seas (SES) through the design of an effective and resourceful research governance framework, based upon newly collected, sound scientific knowledge). The project aims to assess the current environmental status of the Mediterranean and the Black Seas, in a coherent and integrated manner, fill the existing scientific knowledge gaps and then design and support an ecosystem-based approach to management so that the EU goal of Clean Seas by 2020 can become a reality, while conserving the surrounding marine environment. The current page is the start page of PERSEUS Oceanographic Mediterranean and Black Sea Data Management. The Cast Data Base provides the user with vertical profiles of physical, chemical and biological data acquired with Bottle casts (Rosette), CTD casts, and Argo floats by means of an interactive data selection and download and submission of new data in ODV format.
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Geographical coverage
  • Mediterranean (widespread)
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  • Policy-makers/managers/planners
  • Researchers and scientists
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  • EU Funds
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  • Cyprus
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  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Albania
  • Algeria
  • Egypt
  • Israel
  • Lebanon
  • Montenegro
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