News: 13th UfM Working Group on Blue Economy and back-to-back Meeting on the Blue Economy Mediterranean Partnership

Foto: Union for the Mediterranean Photos Database

Brussels. 14 March 2023. Following the 12th UfM Working Group on Blue Economy held on 24 October in Aqaba (Jordan), the 13th UfM Working Group on Blue Economy will focus on keeping track of the progress in the implementation of the Ministerial and its Roadmap.

As agreed in the last Working Group, countries and stakeholders will continue making progress on the implementation of the Roadmap  and 2021 UfM Ministerial Declaration on Sustainable Blue Economy; will discuss ongoing and future joint activities/dossiers; will exchange on operational advancements on concrete activities (i.e. projects, technical assistance, dialogue group) related to the agreed priority areas of joint work in the short-term and will undertake further reflections on the mid-to-long-term activities. Progress achieved will be shared by the countries, by Ministerial priority.

Back-to-back to the UfM Working Group on Blue Economy, a meeting will be held to present the Blue Economy Mediterranean Partnership.

EBRD and the EIB held a panel in the Mediterranean Pavilion as part of COP27 to discuss the Sustainable Blue Economy challenges and opportunities in the “Mare Nostrum”.

This event was crucial to signpost initial political support for the Blue Economy Mediterranean Partnership, acting as the basis for the pledging expected to take place in 2023.


News Posted on 02/02/2023