News: 18th Maritime Spatial Expert Group (MSEG) meeting

The 18th Meeting of the MSEG on MSP took place on Wednesday 13th May 2020. Due to the unprecedented circumstances at present, the meeting was held online. Updates were provided by all 20 of the Member States represented at the MSEG Meeting regarding the status of their MSP plans and the latest developments at the national level. In several cases, the national consultation process has been impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. The Commission (DG MARE) and EASME informed participants about the different activities that they are undertaking to facilitate the implementation of the EU MSP Directive such as studies on subjects such as the application of the Ecosystems Based Approach in MSP or on tools for the assessment, monitoring and revision of Maritime Spatial Plans. The Commission also updated Member States about progress in the preparation for the launch of the Call for Proposals 2020 for EU cross-border cooperation projects in MSP.

News Posted on 04/06/2020