News: 2nd online Conference on “The Restoration of Mediterranean Wetlands: the Wetland-Based Solutions”

Photo: M. Thibault (Union for the Mediterranean website)

The 2nd online Conference on “The Restoration of Mediterranean Wetlands: the Wetland-Based Solutions”, will be organized by the Union for the Mediterranean and MedWet on the 1st December 2022, 9.00-11.00 CET. 

Registrations are still open. The Conference will be an excellent opportunity to highlight and inform decision-makers and practitioners at all levels on the latest tools, findings and strategies available and currently implemented in these vital ecosystems in different parts of the Mediterranean to activate the transformative changes and coordinated the efforts urgently required to scale up wetland ecosystem conservation and restoration. 

The Conference is divided in two sessions. After the welcoming remarks, the first session focuses on Key messages from the Ramsar Resolution and the way forward for the Mediterranean, with an update on adoption of the Resolution. The second session will get into the Results of the UfM labelled programme “Wetland-Based Solutions”: Tools and achievements - M3 (financed by MAVA). 


The 1st Conference on “Wetland restoration as Nature-based Solutions in the Mediterranean”, was organised in the framework of the UfM labelled project, “the Wetland-based Solutions Programme”. It was an opportunity to raise awareness, to promote convergence of efforts and to seek support from decision-makers around the significance of these ecosystems and their key role in order to translate the expert knowledge and lessons learnt into informed decision-making. 

The conference provided insight into the main concepts, most effective tools to restore coastal wetlands and a series of success stories from both shores of the Mediterranean were presented to inspire and boost wetlands restoration across the region. 

The Conference builds on the Policy paper on ‘Wetlands as nature-based solutions produced by MedWET with the support of UfM, in connection with the COP14 of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands. 


News Posted on 21/11/2022