News: 6th meeting of the UfM Working Group on Blue Economy, 20th November 2019, Brussels and back-to-back 'Regional Seminar on Blue Skills, Careers and Jobs' on 19th November 2019

Brussels, 19th and 20th November 2019. The 6th meeting of the Working Group on the Blue Economy (WG on BE) will take place at the Centre des Conferences Albert Borschette (CCAB) in Brussels on 20 November 2019. The Working Group is an integral part of the UfM Forum on Blue Economy, which is one of the deliverables of the UfM Ministerial Declaration of 17 November 2015 on Blue Economy. The 6th meeting of the UfM WG on Blue Economy intends to: • Present the decision taken by the SOM in October 2019 on a 2nd UfM Ministerial Conference on the Blue Economy; • Discuss and converge on the potential priorities of the related Ministerial Declaration; • Wrap-up the latest advancements at regional level • Discuss blue economy financing opportunities and financing principles, amongst other points. The meeting of the UfM Working group on Blue Economy will be organized back-to-back with the 19th of November ‘Regional Seminar on Blue Skills/Carrers/Jobs’, sponsored by GIZ within the wider partnership with UfM on Blue Economy. The Seminar will aim at: • An interactive day of exchange on the problems and causes of mismatch between available skills and employment challenges in the blue economy sectors; • Possible tools to fill this gap/mismatch, showcasing successful policies and actions at regional, national and local level to address the challenges in the axis education-employment within the blue economy sector/s. More information here:

News Posted on 18/11/2019