News: Africa Blue Economy Forum 2019 to be held in Tunis

ABEF is about bold new thinking to accelerate Africa’s structural transformation and create jobs for a young population on the rise. The first Africa Blue Economy Forum was hosted in London on 8th June 2018 to raise awareness on the unique potential of the oceans to accelerate Africa’s sustainable development. Based on last year’s recommendations which were compiled in the ABEF2018 Report, Blue Jay Communication is organising the second edition of the Africa Blue Economy Forum (ABEF) which will take place in Tunis on 25-26 June 2019. Once again, government and business leaders, international investors, ocean innovators and civil society from across the globe will get together to recognise the importance of the Blue Economy in advancing Africa’s development agenda. More information on the event can be found here:

News Posted on 02/05/2019