News: Blue Economy Window call 2020: all the material from the EMFF Info Day

At the Blue Economy Window call Info Day, practical information on the new call was provided. The EMFF call supports the sustainable development of the blue economy SMEs across the European Union. The overall budget for the call is €20 million and organisations can get up to 70% co-funding for their projects. Any for-profit SME based in the EU (single participant or a member of a consortium) can apply. The deadline of the call is 16 February 2021.

Director General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Charlina Vitcheva together with EASME Acting Director Luisa Prista presented the Call as a real window of opportunity for novel solutions that will take us towards a more resilient and climate-neutral economy. Over 450 participants from 33 countries attended the online event. SMEs and start-ups represented the largest group – nearly half of all participants – followed by consultancies and business support organisations, NGOs and not-for-profit stakeholders, universities, academia and research agencies and public sector bodies.

The aim of the call of proposals is to:
•    Bring to market new products, services, processes, and business models in blue economy value chains and help advance their market-readiness;
•    Develop sustainable and innovative blue economy in Europe's sea basins;
•    Facilitate their access to other financing schemes for the next stages of their activities.

For more information about the Blue Economy window call visit this page.
If you wish to apply to the call you can find all the relevant information here.

News Posted on 20/01/2021