News: Blue UP Barcelona

Foto: Barcelona Activa

Blue-up Barcelona is a support program for innovative startups in the framework of the blue economy, the sustainable maritme economy. The program aims to help startups validate their business model and provide the necessary resources through training, networking, mentoring, tailor-made mentoring and all the services of Barcelona Activa (funding search, talent acquisition, among others).

Blue-up Barcelona is aimed at startups that develop their activity in relation to the blue economy and that meet the five criteria. 1) It must have a defined idea with some innovative features. 2) It is not compulsory to be constituted, but if it is, the company should have been incorporated after January 1, 2020, and cannot exceed a turnover of 50,000 euros in fiscal year 2021. 3) The members of the promotion team have availability. At least one person must be 100% dedicated to the startup. 4) There must be involvement and commitment to both the company and the programme. 5) It is important that startups have a commitment to the environment and society and can really demonstrate the sustainability of their business model proposals.

If you are interested in doing the program Blue-up 2023, fill in the following application form here.


News Posted on 18/11/2022