News: Call for Experts to be part of the MSP Community of Practice in the Mediterranean (MED-MSP-CoP)

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If you are an expert on Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) in the Mediterranean, this call might be of interest for you and open up great opportunities for exchange and cooperation with peers.

The European Commission calls for expert involvement in the development of a voluntary-based Community of practice for MSP in the Mediterranean (MED-MSP-CoP). The call targets enthusiastic experts from Mediterranean countries on MSP and related disciplines (e.g. sustainable blue economy, protection of the marine environment, etc.) who want to actively participate and engage in the work of the MED-MSP-CoP and contribute to its expected outputs. A series of preparatory meetings, which started at the WestMED hackathon in Malta (June 2022) and continued in the context of the MSPMED project (Tunis, September 2022; Rome October 2022) were held to set the CoP Coordination Team and to draft the CoP Terms of References and 1st-year Action Plan (January 2023 – January 2024). This preparatory process culminated with the kick-off meeting in January 2023 in Brussels where this work was presented and the CoP was launched.

 The European Commission provides technical support to the MED-MSP-CoP, notably through its MSP and WestMED Initiative Assistance Mechanisms. The CoP is a voluntary-based, independent group of experts. In any case the contents of the discussions and the outcomes of the MED-MSP-CoP are at the full discretion of its participants.

We invite you to consider your involvement in the MSP-MED-CoP and to confirm your interest in participating in this initiative through this on-line form by the 14th of April 2023.


The MED-MSP-CoP aims at enhancing the dialogue on MSP issues of common interest relating to the sustainable development of maritime sectors and the ecosystem-based approach to planning and management of the sea space, recognizing the strict interconnections between the two. In the first year, the MED-MSP-CoP activity will focus on the structured analysis of MSP-related projects and initiatives as well as the identification of persisting gaps, related to two specific topics (see Annex 1 of the and 1st-year Action Plan for more information) that have been discussed and prioritized throughout the series of preparatory meetings held till now:

  • MSP as key enabler for the implementation of national Sustainable Blue Economy strategies and initiatives.
  • MSP supporting the extension, improved management and improved connection of Marine Protected Areas and Other Effective Area-based Conservation Measures.

Till the end of this first year, the MED-MSP-CoP will meet 3 times, whenever possible in presence (financial support for these meetings cannot be assured). The first online meeting will take place on the 27th of April 2023, when the CoP will be presented to the involved experts and its scope will be further discussed. Other online meetings may be organized on demand depending on the needs of the activities to be carried out.


Invitation to experts

Registration form and more information, via the following link

Call for experts to be part of the MSP Community of Practice in the Mediterranean (

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News Posted on 03/04/2023