News: CFD Course for Sustainable Ocean Solutions

WavEC Offshore Renewables is organizing an online course on CFD: CFD FOR SUSTAINABLE OCEAN SOLUTIONS: COURSE I. The course will take place on Februrary 8-11, 2021, sponsored by the University of Tokyo and the University of São Paulo.

The CFD course series will deal with topics as Numerical models, High-Performance-Computing (HPC) and Artificial-Intelligence (AI), focusing on Maritime issues and Ocean sustainability (important fields in the current Industry 4.0 revolution). The course will be lectured by senior experts and highly-skilled PhDs, with solid CFD practitioner and developer backgrounds, as well as up-to-date IT skills, paramount in this digital age.

The course is divided in 4 sessions:

  • February 8: Introduction, Basics, Verification & Validation (12h-15h GMT)
  • February 9: Turbulence Modelling & Simulation (12h-15h GMT)
  • February 10: Free-Surface & Waves (12h-15h GMT)
  • February 11: Floating Offshore Wind, Conclusions (12h-15h GMT)

Course 1 will introduce several CFD crucial subjects:

  • Basic equations and assumptions
  • Existing tools
  • Turbulence modelling and simulation
  • Free-surface and wave modelling
  • Grid methods and motions
  • Modern verification and validation.

In terms of applications, the focus will lie on Offshore Wind Energy and related CFD best-practices gathered over the years.

Admissions: The application deadline is February 4, 2021. To register fill the following registration form.

•    Students from University of Tokyo and University of São Paulo: Free
•    Students: 50 euros
•    Others: 200 euros

For more information about the course please visit WavEC webpage or contact

News Posted on 19/01/2021