News: Effective local projects for a sustainable Mediterranean and Black Sea

At the initiative of DG MARE, the FARNET Support Unit organised for its 11th transnational seminar for FLAGs from the Mediterranean and Black Sea online from the 25th to the 27th of November 2020. The seminar aimed to help coastal FLAGs from the Mediterranean and Black Sea basins target their 2021-2027 resources at key challenges facing their areas, through focused strategies and effective local projects, and to facilitate exchange and joint learning on common themes. It was also an opportunity to link FLAGs to additional sources of funding, which could support joint action around the Mediterranean and Black Sea.

Following the success of the first online event held by the FARNET Support Unit, a Seminar Report with highlights of the event has been prepared.

You can take a look at the report here.

News Posted on 05/01/2021