News: EMUNI awarded Centre of Excellence on Sustainable Blue Economy

The Euro-Mediterranean University received a prestigious award and project funding by the Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Actions for its proposal to establish a Centre of Excellence on Sustainable Blue Economy. The Centre’s purpose is to foster interactions in the knowledge triangle related to the theme of blue economy, both in how they unveil in the EU countries and in relation between the EU and the Mediterranean. The Centre is expected to act as a focal point of competence and knowledge at the intersection of sustainability and blue economy.

The project is extremely timely. The need for a transformation of marine and maritime sectors towards sustainable development has never been more urgent, and the EU’s commitment to doing so has never been stronger. In 2021 the EU proclaimed the seas and oceans as central and indispensable to the accomplishment of the EU’s strategic agenda – European Green Deal. At the same time, green transition, including for seas and oceans, has been made one of key pillars for the EU’s vision for a strengthened Mediterranean partnership.

The Centre of Excellence builds on the collaborative, inter-institutional and region-wide approach that is ingrained in the nature of the Euro-Mediterranean University. As such it foresees cooperation of several institutions specialising on issues of blue economy. This expertise builds on the results of past activities carried out in the field of blue economy as well as the opportunities presented at multiple levels (UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Seas; EU strategic priorities for green transition and climate resilience; technology advances etc.).

The Centre’s team, led by Dr. Jerneja Penca, is markedly interdisciplinary (involving profiles of various marine sciences, governance, and arts) and committed to developing synergies between various resources. Team members also complement each other in their ability to reach out to researchers, higher education teachers, educators, policy-makers at both national and regional levels, local stakeholders and citizens. 

In the course of three years, the project will implement research and educational activities as well as provide timely science advice to policy and will engage the local public.

The project will start on 1 February 2022 and will last for three years. Watch this space and follow us on and on EMUNI social media channels to know about the entire team, about all planned activities and to find out which will be the first to launch, along with the opportunities to engage with the project.  

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News Posted on 10/02/2022