News: First Annual Assembly of the Blue Growth Community

The Blue Growth Community organized its First Annual Assembly with a significant participation of the new associated projects and many interested regions in Blue Economy The last 4th and 5th February 2020, the Blue Growth Community, represented by the core members of the MED Blue Growth projects, the Blue Growth associated partners, as well as other relevant stakeholders, gathered in Montpellier (France). The new horizontal Blue Growth project (2019-2022), which succeeded the 1st phase horizontal project InnoBlueGrowth (2017-2019), organized its first annual assembly in Montpellier, in order for the Blue Growth Community to meet with its new members and at the same time, to go further in the cooperation with the Blue Growth projects and strengthen the links with political and institutional key stakeholders, such as the Mediterranean Regions. The Blue Growth project proposes concrete activities to enhance the capitalization nature of this second phase of MED projects, with the aim to deepen the dissemination and transferability of modular projects results dealing with Blue Growth issues including maritime surveillance, yachting, renewable energies, aquaculture, fisheries, maritime and coastal tourism, among others. The project intends to achieve two key goals: first, to have a better transfer of modular projects technical results into policy making and second, to benefit the development of the Blue Economy and entrepreneurship, mainly for SMEs. Following this line, the 1st Annual Assembly of the Blue Growth Community was also the occasion for sharing specialized knowledge on Blue Economy issues, exchanging reflections and good practices to address common challenges and keep working together for the implementation of a sustainable Blue Economy in the Mediterranean. For more detailed information, please visit: or

News Posted on 18/02/2020