News: ICOE 2021 - Energizing a powerful blue economy

This April, ICOE 2021 is bringing more than 80 speakers from 14 countries to present their expertise and lessons learned from around the world in the marine energy field. These 22 sessions are organized into 3 tracks: Keynote/Plenary, Industry/Markets and Technical/Research.

Industry/Markets Track
These sessions feature content that is more focused on recent industry developments and deployments, trends, new markets, supply-chain, regulation, policy, and financing. The Industry and Markets track speakers will be available to answer questions live during their session!

Technical/Research Track
The Technical/Research sessions will feature content that is more focused on R&D and will include detailed scientific and technical presentations and discussions. The full research presentations will be pre-recorded and made available to all registered attendees, beginning April 12. Registrants will access these pre-recorded presentations through the ICOE website.
During the live sessions, presenters will give a shorter summary presentation and discuss their research/answer audience questions.

Plenary Sessions
The plenary session topics for ICOE 2021 will detail global assessments of advancements in ocean energy, explore project funding and mechanisms developers are currently leveraging, introduce ways sustainable development goals inform national environmental and energy policies, exhibit international opportunities in non-traditional "Blue Economy" markets and provide perspectives from industry leaders on the future of ocean energy.

For more information visit the ICOE page.  

News Posted on 13/04/2021