News: International Day of the Mediterranean: Building a stronger Mediterranean

UfM Member States declared 28 November as the ‘International Day of the Mediterranean’, to be observed from now on each year with the aim to foster a common Mediterranean identity while promoting intercultural exchanges and embracing the diversity of the region.

The Day of the Mediterranean aims at fostering a common Mediterranean identity. The cultural dimension is an important component of the celebration and this International Day provides the opportunity to hold local and international events, exhibitions and festivals across the region with a view of strengthening ties between the two shores, promoting intercultural exchanges and dialogue and embracing the diversity of the region.

The Mediterranean day is also the occasion to showcase issues of concern, to mobilize political will and resources to address challenges, and to celebrate and reinforce achievements in the region.

The goal is to create a yearly unique momentum to provide strengthened visibility to the Positive Agenda in the Mediterranean and to the overall regional efforts undertaken by governments, international and regional organizations, IFIs, development agencies, private sector, civil society and all the stakeholders that work daily to enhance cooperation and integration in the area.

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News Posted on 14/12/2020