News: Launch of the S3 CoP Observatory

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Last week at the Smart Specialisation (S3) Forum 2023, the launch of the brand new S3 CoP Observatory was announced as an important service that provides an important overview, serving as a central repository of information for S3s across the EU. The tool enables users to intuitively compare Smart Specialisation areas of EU regions, while also providing essential contact points and links to the strategies.

The S3 CoP Observatory has been built in collaboration among DG REGIO G1, DG REGIO country-desks and the S3 CoP Secretariat. The project team identified S3 priorities directly from regions' and member states' S3 documents and deployed tools from Artificial Intelligence (AI), including Generative AI and entity extraction and disambiguation for automatic topic tagging and classification. The subsequent exercises were supported by artificial intelligence:

  • Categorising the strategies and priorities across the different taxonomies.
  • Identifying keywords at the level of S3 strategy and S3 priority.

Regional/national institutions or bodies, responsible for the management of the smart specialisation strategy can contact to rectify or integrate the information provided.

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News Posted on 18/12/2023