News: The State of Mediterranean and Black Sea Fisheries 2023

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This 2023 special edition of the GFCM’s flagship publication, The State of Mediterranean and Black Sea Fisheries, updates statistics and figures on the status and management of fisheries in the region and includes, for the first time, an overview of regional indicators on the aquaculture sector in Mediterranean and Black Sea countries.

It aims to deliver useful and reliable data to a wide audience as an essential source of information on fisheries and aquaculture in the region and a key tool to support decision-making and monitor progress towards the goals set by the GFCM.

The fifth instalment of its series, this publication covers topics of regional importance in the fisheries and aquaculture sectors over the course of seven chapters. Fleet status and capture fisheries production are the focus of the first two chapters, which include figures on fishing capacity and landings by country and fleet segment.

Chapter three captures the human dimension behind the region’s fisheries through socioeconomic data on revenue and employment. In chapter four, information on discards is updated and categorized for the main fishing fleets in each GFCM subregion, along with details on the species that make up this important component of the catch.

Chapter five reviews the status of fisheries resources, especially regional trends and trends in priority species, while chapter seven summarizes relevant existing and new adopted measures towards the sustainability of key fisheries and the protection of vulnerable ecosystems. Aquaculture is included in this edition for the first time, described in terms of volume and socioeconomic indicators in chapter six.

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News Posted on 22/12/2023