News: Webinars: Mediterranean MPAs facing climate change

Join the MPA-Engage 1st webinar series to develop your skills on how to: ► Monitor in a harmonized way the climate change impacts in MPAs: UNIT 1 (18 - 22 May from 10h - 12h CET) ► Assess the ecological and socio-economic vulnerability of MPAs to climate change: UNIT 2 (03 June from 10h - 11h CET) ► Engage local communities in citizen science activities: UNIT 3 (25 - 29 May from 10h - 12h CET) Over the course of three consecutive weeks you will learn how to gather the key information needed to develop a climate change adaptation and mitigation action plan. Who should attend the MPA-ENGAGE webinar series: ► Managers of Marine Protected Areas ► Marine conservation and environment administrations ► Scientists, experts and practitioners working in Marine Protected Areas Participation is free, but you will need to register. You can find more information and register here: You can contact the MPA-Engage Team here:

News Posted on 11/05/2020