News: What Future for the Blue Economy?

The European Commission is in the process of shaping the new comprehensive approach to the blue economy. This initiative will identify ways to make the EU’s ‘blue economy’ more sustainable, in line with the European Green Deal. The blue economy covers all economic activities related to seas and coasts (e.g. shipping &ports, fisheries & aquaculture, coastal tourism). The goal is to aid economic recovery and tackle climate change by promoting sustainable products and services - e.g. marine renewable energy - that preserve the marine environment and maintain ocean health. 

Furthermore, the roadmap on the future communication on Sustainable Blue economy has been published today. This roadmap is open for feedback for 7 weeks. Feedback will be taken into account for further development and fine tuning of the initiative.

For further information on the initiative or the roadmap please visit :

News Posted on 22/10/2020