News: Your voice matters: take part in the BlueMissionMed Survey and contribute to the Operational Implementation Roadmap for the Mission Restore our Ocean and Waters in the Mediterranean!

Foto: Blue Mission Med website

The aim of the BlueMissionMed survey is to collect the voices of all actors in the Mediterranean basin, concerning the needs, gaps and priorities for the prevention, minimization and elimination-remediation of pollution from chemicals, plastics and microplastics. Through this participatory process, the next steps for achieving the targets set by the EU Mission ‘Restore our Oceans and Waters’ in the Mediterranean Sea, will be integrated in the BlueMissionMed Operational Implementation Roadmap.
The survey is structured according to seven economic sectors: Agriculture, Aquaculture, Fisheries, Ports & Transport, Tourism, Wastewater Treatment Plants & Solid Waste Management in Cities, Plastics Industry. The answers to questions are in a multiple-choice format. Stakeholders are requested to provide information on the degree of maturity of an action/solution and on the implementation barriers of about 10 actions/solutions depending on their sector of interest.

The survey is available in six languages, English, French, Greek, Italian, Spanish and Turkish and is targeting to all Mediterranean stakeholders, including those of the 7 BlueMissionMed national HUBs.
If you wish to participate in the process and have your say in the BlueMissionMed Operational Implementation Roadmap, answer the OIR -Questionnaire! It won’t take more than 10 minutes!

The survey will be publicly available until the 25th April 2024.



News Posted on 19/04/2024