Connections between harbours and hinterland

Seville City, Council Andalousie, Spain

Sevilla, Spain website

The project proposes the development, through cooperation activities, of strategies aimed at strengthening territorial coastal systems and their competitiveness by means of intervention in the following topics:
- the urban exchange node placed in (or near) ports areas, strengthening their functional integration with the port city and the hinterland, and their connection with the infrastructure network
- the reorganization and / or the indirect improvement of existing linear infrastructures (roads, railways, river network) the connection between marine terminals (accessibility to the sea) and the centres or internal territory (radius of influence of about 30 - 40 km);
- Improving the accessibility between exchange nodes and surrounding territories (seaport or inland) and the intermediate areas by integrating them with productive areas, environmental and cultural sites, placed along linear infrastructure, in order to build network systems consistent for developing synergies;
- support actions to the local economy based on shipping transports and other types of land use, through forms of support in using information technology.
  • Finalised
Geographical coverage
  • Regional (including Mediterranean sea basin)
Source of funding
  • EU Funds
  • Public funding
Country of project partners
  • Greece
  • Italy
  • Malta
  • Spain