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The lack of water resources and the need for rationalization and re-use of existing resources through the development of infrastructure projects and the mobilization of the local community in saving and water reuse in all uses is diagnosed need and urgent strategic objective for Cyprus ( as a whole ) and Crete ( the eastern least part of it) . The main objective of the project is to develop a framework for systematic collaboration between Cyprus and Eastern Crete on the management of water resources and water conservation .
The project will involve the development of a small pilot reverse osmosis unit for processing by landfill leachate Pera Galini in the prefecture of Heraklion , with a capacity of approximately 20 m3 / day . will also organize a training 85 hours of theory and practical training program for a total of 100 employees in the government and other entities with interest in recovery issues epanachrismopoiisis , desalination and rational water use , which will take place in Cyprus ( for 20 people ) and Crete ( for 80 people) . Finally the above will be presented in two border symposia, to be held in Cyprus and Crete .
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  • Regional (including Mediterranean sea basin)
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  • EU Funds
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