HF Radar monitoring system and response against marine oil spills in the Malta Channel

University of Malta, Malta

Msida, Malta website

The project has set up a permanent operational system to monitor surface marine currents and waves in the Sicilian- Maltese channel through the use of a remote observation system based on a network of HF (High Frequency) radar able to publish maps with hourly updates. The partnership has installed three HF radars: two in the northern part of Malta and one on the southern Sicilian coast. The data flows into a teleprocessing station that also distributes via web the maps supplied by the system. The collected data, combined with numerical modelling methods, support intervention by the pertinent authorities in the event of oil spills at sea. Furthermore, the system developed by CALYPSO represents a useful navigation support tool in that it provides better understanding of the sea currents and guarantees the monitoring and surveillance of such in critical areas. Thanks to a broad base of stakeholders, the project guarantees the fullest exploitation of the HF radar network including dedicated actions for the exchange of information and the preparation of protocols to improve the coordinated intervention and surveillance capacity of the Maltese and Sicilian authorities in the event of accident and/or emergency. The CALYPSO system, thanks to its cutting-edge technological equipment and the broad base of stakeholders involved and/or ready to take part, presents itself as a useful tool in the new, joint capacity of control over the seas by the Sicilian and Maltese authorities. When fully operational, the acquisition of multi-disciplinary data over a wide area will trigger a better understanding of the physical dynamics of the Sicily-Malta channel, thus guaranteeing the necessary data base for diverse applications.
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