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Rruga "Aleksander Moisiu", pallati 53/1, Kati I, Tirane, Albania, Tirana, Albania

The general mission of this Albanian Center is represented by finding solutions for biodiversity conservation and harmonizing the life protection to the sustainable socio-economic development of the Albanian rural and urban communities.
1. Minimizing and reducing the effects of industrialization in rivers, lakes, lagoons and seas (like hydrocarbon, marine and river litters etc.)
2. Protecting the endangered species in rivers, lakes and seas (fish, mammals, reptiles etc.) and pushing the aquaculture and fisheries activities on the sustainable direction.
3. Strengthening the protection of the endangered habitats by building partnership with local and governmental authorities, and international organizations, sensitizing the nearby present communities and strict monitoring of protected areas on land and seas.
4. Boosting the economic and social development in rural and urban areas through the implementation of initiatives related to vocational training, environment protection, small scale agriculture, artisanal fisheries and sustainable aquaculture in a healthy environment.
5. Supporting the scientific research on important environment issues, which are related to climatic changes, agriculture, fisheries, aquaculture and environmental sciences.
Geographical working areas
  • National/local
Type of player
  • Research/academia
Main Interests
  • Looking for Partners and Collaborations in common projects in Mediterranean regions as representative of Albania.