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Padova - Venezia, Italy

ARPAV is a public body founded in 1996. The goal of the Agency is to control and preserve the environment in order to help the identification and elimination of risks to humans and to the environment. Its principal activities are:
• Controlling of the environment including sources of pollution (e.g. industrial emissions, waste, radiation);
• Monitoring of the state of the environment, particularly the quality of air, water, and soil;
• Preventing risk factors and promoting an education aimed at favouring life styles, which respect the environment.
ARPAV coordinates its activities closely with others Public Bodies and Private Organisations in order to complete its tasks for the interest of whole society, having developed a large and structured network. To this end, in order to develop also on international landscape those expertises, exchanging best practices as well as learning and giving international lessons, ARPAV is constantly partner and leader within several international projects, summarised here below.
Nevertheless the following list of projects also contains some national or regional level experiences that is worth referring considered their scientific and economic value.
ARPAV has developed also international experiences, both as partner and lead partner in several international projects within the Cooperation Programmes. In particular projects funded by MED Programme 2007-2013: maritime traffic pollution in port cities (APICE and CAIMANs, projects funded by MED Programme 2007-2013).
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