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Rethymno, Greece

The "BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT AGENCY" was established by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Rethymno in 2007. It is a Non-Profit Organization. The aim of the company is:
• The development of IT, lifelong learning and training, including education and training of the members of the Chamber of Rethymno, or third parties, the implementation of EU programs.
Our areas of expertise are:
-Provision of business consultancy and support to the members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Rethymno and to potential entrepreneurs about materializing of a business plan, Information for subsidized business support programs, support in finding partners, training and information material for business issues.
-New Technologies, Innovation: the creation of broadband infrastructure services for our members (internet, telephone, mail, marketplace, etc).
-Organisation of training seminars and information events related to EU subsidy programs and business analysis functions.
-Implementation of European action programs as an expert.
-Development and maintenance of wireless networks in Rethymno city center/shopping spots for free access to the internet.
-Conducting online surveys on behalf of institutions and enterprises.
-Support for export firms, acting as antenna of the Ηellenic Foreign Trade Bοard in Rethymno for the region of Crete.
-Management of European Programmes as a carrier, aiming at a coordinating role.
-Participation in European programs along with other national, regional and local public bodies.
-Documentation of Development Studies for business development, especially for the Region of Rethymno in collaboration with the University of Crete and research institutions.
-Submitting, Evaluation, Prioritization of developmental proposals for scientific research and scientific best practice.
-Continuous interaction with public and private institutions related to the economy, growth-promoting entrepreneurship for both local and regional relevant topics of interest.
Geographical working areas
  • National/local
Type of player
  • Private sector
Main Interests