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The MedPAN network brings together the managers of Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and supports them in their management activities.

The MedPAN network has currently 65 member organizations and 41 official partners from 8 European countries (France, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Greece, Cyprus, Malta) and 10 Mediterranean non-European countries (Albania, Turkey, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Montenegro, Monaco). These countries represent 96% of the total Mediterranean coastline perimeter. Together they are responsible for the management of more than 110 marine protected areas (national parks, marine parks and reserves, Natura 2000 marine sites, regional parks, and many more designations) across the Mediterranean, representing more than 63% of the total of Mediterranean MPAs effectively managed.

The network exists since the 90s. It is run since 2008 by the MedPAN organization, a permanent and independent non-governmental structure, established, at the request from MPA managers, under the French-law, with dedicated funds. The MedPAN Board of Directors is made of 13 organizations from 6 different European countries and 2 non-European Mediterranean countries.

The mission of MedPAN is to actively contribute to achieve a representative, connected, integrated and effectively managed system of Mediterranean MPAs, through a strong and active networking of MPA managers and other actors at all levels (national, sub-regional, Mediterranean) that increases knowledge and capacities of MPAs while improves awareness, MPA policy implementation and funding.
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