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Models of Integrated TOurism in the MEDiterranean

Regione Toscana, Sector for the Development of Tourist Destinations Policies, Italy

MITOMED (Models of Integrated Tourismism in the MEDiterranean) project promotes the integrated management of maritime and coastal Tourismism by improving the knowledge of data, products, services but also policies and(...) Read more.

  • Geographical coverageMediterranean (widespread) |

Monitoring of the underground water resources, interventions to control marine intrusion and reduction in pollution from agricultural activities

Regione Siciliana - Dipartimento Interventi Infrastrutturali per l’Agricoltura, Italy

The project has reconstructed the hydro-geological structure of some aquifers and defined the quality and quantity of underground water resources falling within the Ragusa Malta cross-border area, allowing the identification(...) Read more.

  • Geographical coverageRegional (only Mediterranean sea basin) |

North Adriatic Ports Association


NAPA (North Adriatic Ports Association) includes the ports of Venice and Trieste in Italy, Koper in Slovenia, and Rijeka in Croatia, with mutual cooperation to increase the potential, the quality(...) Read more.

  • Geographical coverageRegional (only Mediterranean sea basin) |

NEtworking for the development of maritime tOurism at EUSAIR level

Regione Marche, Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery, Italy

NEMO project, under Med Cooperation Programme 2014-2020, develops an overview about fisheries related tourism in Adriatic and Ionian Regions that could give a contribution to the Mediterranean overall integrated maritime(...) Read more.

  • Geographical coverageRegional (only Mediterranean sea basin) |

New Performances For Mediterranean Tourism

Promuovi Italia Joint Stock Company, Italy

The rising importance of tourism and its positive impacts on economic growth and local development have put tourist policies and their governance at the centre of strategies of many Mediterranean(...) Read more.

  • Geographical coverageMediterranean (widespread) |

Out of the Blue - Isles in the MEDiterranean

Comune di Sciacca, Italy

The project aims to jointly develop the tourism potential by contributing to the improvement of the services offered via integrated tools for promoting innovation and expansion of integrated thematic tours(...) Read more.

  • Geographical coverageRegional (only Mediterranean sea basin) |

Creating a network of maritime and inland waterways cities, based on a model of an integrated economic, touristy, nautical, fluvial, oenogastronomical and cultura development in the space of SUDOE

ATB - Agència de Turisme de les Illes Balears , Spain

The ODYSSEA SUDOE project is part of the priority intended to support sustainable urban development and aims to increase the socio-economic dynamism of municipalities and regions of the SUDOE by(...) Read more.

  • Geographical coverageRegional (only Mediterranean sea basin) |

Operational Ecology Marine Ecosystem Forecasting

Plymouth Marine Laboratory, United Kingdom

OPEC project (OPerational ECology: Ecosystem forecast products to enhance marine GMES applications) will undertake research and development to develop Operational Ecology to augment the capabilities of the GMES Marine Service.(...) Read more.

  • Geographical coverageRegional (only Mediterranean sea basin) |

Ocean Strategic Services beyond 2015


Ocean Strategic Services beyond 2015 focused on nowcast, forecast and climatology of the biogeochemical properties of the ocean mixed layer. OSS2015 addresses the fusion of satellite ocean colour data (multispectral(...) Read more.

  • Geographical coverageRegional (only Mediterranean sea basin) |

Tool for the Territorial Strategy of the MED Space

Región de Murcia, Spain

OTREMED's objective is to develop a spatial planning tool aimed at improving MED's competitiveness focusing on aspects such as the coordination of land use between bordering regions, the management of(...) Read more.

  • Geographical coverageMediterranean (widespread) |