events event: Euro-Argo ERIC Mediterranean and Black Seas workshop

Date: April 08, 2021 to April 09, 2021

Place:  Online, -

Description of the event: 

Stakeholders are most welcome to attend and learn more about the role of Euro-Argo in the Mediterranean and Black Seas. The objectives are to present scientific usage of Argo data and technical aspects of Argo (platforms, parameters, data..) to the audience.

The role of Argo towards addressing environmental policies and operational monitoring for the society will be also highlighted.

For any other questions related with Mediterranean and Black Seas workshop, please email Dimitris Kassis (referent for the Mediterranean Sea) or Atanas Palazov (referent for the Black Sea).

To participate in this event please register here. Deadline for registration is the 25th of March.

Type: Open