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What is the Black Sea Accelerator?

The BSA is a set of activities tailored to support business creation, marine and maritime innovation, and development of new marine-based technologies for sustainable growth. Application of the BSA is a ground-breaking approach for the Black Sea basin that will enable the effective exploitation and exchange of research results, generating ideas and start-ups and engaging entrepreneurs in a new way of thinking.

Who can apply?

Our main target is Black Sea-based eligible organisations such as companies, start-ups, and universities, but the program also welcomes non-regional applicants interested in extending their solutions in the region. Both established (market-ready) and emerging solutions are eligible. However, applicants should provide a detailed explanation of their solutions in the finalisation stage of their application.

What sectors are we focussing on?

  • Ocean Observation and Monitoring
  • Ports, Transport, and Logistics
  • Fisheries and Aquaculture Practices
  • Tourism and Recreational Activities
  • Provision of expert advice to exploit funding;
  • Blue Biotech and Related Products
  • Sustainable and renewable marine energy solutions
  • Nature-based solutions and services

DOORS Services for start-ups / SMEs

Tailored training/mentoring of entrepreneurs, to bridge the gap between skills’ offer and demand, regarding Innovation & Research developments;

Creation of a small-scale apprenticeship programme giving the opportunity for two entrepreneurs in each Black Sea country to work with a mentor in an established company/organisation for a short period of time;

Support for start-ups to reach investors by providing consultancy for developing business plans (in the context of planned, online sessions with expert evaluators giving feedback for improvement);

networking support and advice on how to exploit funding opportunities with potential investors such as how to prepare a ‘winning’ investment presentation;

Provision of expert advice to exploit funding;

Create an innovation and matchmaking digital platform for marine and maritime blue economy activities;

Facilitate access to funding: We will set up a Black Sea Special Interest Group (SIG) whose membership will be drawn from influential, mutually-minded individuals with a business, media or philanthropic interest in seeking solutions to address human and climate change impacts on damaged ecosystems.

If you are a Black Sea company, start-up, or university promoting sustainable Blue Economy solutions we invite you to apply here (Deadline 31st October 2023).

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News Posted on 27/07/2023