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Stefano Piraino

Expertise on jellyfish blooms causes, consequences, countermeasures. Expertise on marine biodiversity and conservation.

  • Geographical working areasGlobal |


Maritime safety and security have become matter of concern for many States and for the international community as a whole. However, the existing international legal framework does not yet recognize(...) Read more.

  • Geographical working areasMediterranean (widespread) |

Saloua Sadok

Our research interests are multiples with special emphasis in the development of new seafood products and the utilisation of their by-products. The extraction/purifiaction of bioactive from aquatic source and tasting(...) Read more.

  • Geographical working areasRegional (only Mediterranean sea basin) |

George Petihakis

Management tools for aquaculture.

  • Geographical working areasRegional (only Mediterranean sea basin) |

Heritage Malta

National agency for museums, conservation practice and cultural heritage

  • Geographical working areasNational/local |

Alberto Ribotti

The Section in Oristano of the Institute for the Coastal Marine Environment of the National Research Council of Italy (IAMC CNR) studies the interactions between marine organisms and their environment,(...) Read more.

  • Geographical working areasMediterranean (widespread) |

Soukissian Takvor

Blue (ocean) energy (offshore wind, wave, tidal/currents). Experience in data analysis, stochastic modeling, and forecasting. Development of the "Smart Wind Chart" for the Mediterranean and Black Seas (COCONET project, offshore(...) Read more.

  • Geographical working areasGlobal |

Agricultural Research Institute

Agricultural Research in animal husbandry, vegetable production, viticulture, arboriculture, phytopathology, molecular agrobiology, post harvest management of agricultural products, hydroponic systems, water management, greenhouse technology, applications of Renewable Energies in Agriculture(...) Read more.

  • Geographical working areasGlobal |

Vangelis Papathanassiou

Coordinator of EU Projects IASON, SESAME, PERSEUS

  • Geographical working areasMediterranean (widespread) |

Jessica Heard

Interested in all aspects of operational ecology, involved in knowledge exchange and communications, project management and working with partners across Europe.

  • Geographical working areasNational/local |

Sarantis Sofianos

Physical Oceanography, Operational Oceanography and Climate Change Research

  • Geographical working areasGlobal |

Thanos Contargyris - Dialogos Ltd

Information brokerage and other e-services for SMEs. Market studies and strategic studies on innovative services and products. Delphi studies on Information Society and Industrial R&D. R&D Roadmaps and Impact studies(...) Read more.

  • Geographical working areasGlobal |

Jean-Noel Druon

Modelling and mapping of potential habitat of key marine species (tunas species, hake nurseries, fin whale, small pelagics); Marine fish productivity; Chloroplyll-a fronts and physical oceanographic covariates; Operational oceanography for(...) Read more.

  • Geographical working areasGlobal |