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FARNET (Fisheries Areas Network)

FARNET is the community of people implementing Community-Led Local Development (CLLD) under the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF). This network brings together Fisheries Local Action Groups (FLAGs), managing authorities,(...) Read more.

  • Geographical working areasMediterranean (widespread) |

Euro-Argo ERIC

Coordination of the European contribution to the Argo observing network based on autonomous profiling floats that are deployed in all oceans. Expertise in Oceanography (physics and biogeochemical) , instrumentation, in(...) Read more.

  • Geographical working areasGlobal |

Alessandra Carucci

Full Professor of Sanitary-Environmental Engineering, Vice-Rector for International Affairs at the University of Cagliari; the research activity is mainly in the area of industrial and municipal biological wastewater treatment and(...) Read more.

  • Geographical working areasRegional (only Mediterranean sea basin) |


Maritime safety and security have become matter of concern for many States and for the international community as a whole. However, the existing international legal framework does not yet recognize(...) Read more.

  • Geographical working areasMediterranean (widespread) |

Alberto Ribotti

The Section in Oristano of the Institute for the Coastal Marine Environment of the National Research Council of Italy (IAMC CNR) studies the interactions between marine organisms and their environment,(...) Read more.

  • Geographical working areasMediterranean (widespread) |

Thanos Contargyris - Dialogos Ltd

Information brokerage and other e-services for SMEs. Market studies and strategic studies on innovative services and products. Delphi studies on Information Society and Industrial R&D. R&D Roadmaps and Impact studies(...) Read more.

  • Geographical working areasGlobal |

ARPA Veneto

ARPAV is a public body founded in 1996. The goal of the Agency is to control and preserve the environment in order to help the identification and elimination of risks(...) Read more.

  • Geographical working areasNational/local |

MedPAN network of Mediterranean MPA managers

Since 1990, the MedPAN network has brought together the managers of Mediterranean MPAs and has supported them in their management activities. In 2008, MedPAN became a legally independent organisation with(...) Read more.

  • Geographical working areasMediterranean (widespread) |

Business Development Agency

The "BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT AGENCY" was established by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Rethymno in 2007. It is a Non-Profit Organization. The aim of the company is: • The(...) Read more.

  • Geographical working areasNational/local |

MEET Network

The “Mediterranean Experience of Eco-Tourism Network” is a multi-level and multi- stakeholder network aimed at improving the cooperation between Protected Areas in sustainable tourism in the Mediterranean region. It was(...) Read more.

  • Geographical working areasMediterranean (widespread) |

Provincia di Lucca

Province of Lucca is a public local authority situated in North-West Tuscany, Italy. After the new institutional reform, Provinces have become public entities of vast area with some specific competences(...) Read more.

  • Geographical working areasGlobal |