icon UfM Working Group on Sustainable Blue Economy

The Union for the Mediterranean Regional Platform on Sustainable Blue Economy (SBE) (former UfM Working Group on Blue Economy) meets on a regular basis in order to steer and support the implementation of the relevant UfM Ministerial Declarations on Blue Economy*.

The Regional Platform is Co-Chaired by the Jordan and EU UfM Co-Presidencies, with the support of the UfM Secretariat, and it brings together national representatives designated by the UfM member countries (UfM Focal Points on Sustainable Blue Economy) and Permanent Observers namely to:

  • Shape and implement the regional SBE agenda and portfolio in line with the relevant Ministerial recommendations/priorities;
  • Create synergies among existing and emerging joint initiatives/projects/programmes and promote the convergence and coordination of efforts (technical and financial) at regional level;
  • Exchange information, views, best practices, and know-how among countries, experts, and stakeholders;


Catalogue of UfM Working Groups on Blue Economy

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13th  Working Group

12th Working Group

11th Working Group

10th Working Group

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7th Working Group

6th Working Group

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1st Working Group