icon UfM Working Group on Sustainable Blue Economy

The UfM Working Group on Blue Economy is composed of national representatives designated by the UfM countries and is co-chaired by the Jordan and EU UfM Co-Presidency with the support of the UfM Secretariat. The group meets on a regular basis, back-to-back with other key events when and as appropriate.

It also includes permanent Observers as per the relevant UfM Ministerial Declaration(s). The UfM WG on BE focuses its efforts on the implementation of the 2021 UfM Ministerial Declaration on Sustainable Blue Economy (SBE) and its Roadmap adopted in 2022, and therefore aims at:

  • Further shaping the regional SBE agenda and portfolio based on the Ministerial recommendations;
  • Exchanging information, views, and best practices, and know-how between countries as well as stakeholders
  • Creating synergies among existing and emerging joint initiatives and promoting convergence and coordination of efforts at regional level;
  • Providing input to future actions and possible sea basin approaches/maritime strategies.)


Catalogue of UfM Working Groups on Blue Economy

14th Working Group

13th  Working Group

12th Working Group

11th Working Group

10th Working Group

9th Working Group

8th Working Group

7th Working Group

6th Working Group

5th Working Group

4th Working Group

3rd  Working Group

2nd Working Group

1st Working Group