iconWorkshop 2: Integrated approach to the development of coastal communities in the Mediterranean region: tools and best practices.


The coastal communities’ development is mainly based on the following aspects and challenges:

  • Community empowerment for community awareness, ownership and actions that aim at a change;
  • Encouraging participatory approach for improving governance;
  • Building clusters for achieving sufficient critical mass of SMEs to address their research and innovation needs and for an efficient transfer of the results;
  • Promoting the role of aquaculture and its environmental services for the fishery sector;
  • Boosting the value chain of the local fishery products;
  • Favoring cooperation actions for the transfer of knowledge and share of models, methodologies and best practices;
  • Investing in nature and culture for ensuring a durable economic and social growth of the communities.


Rigers Bakiu – Agricultural University of Tirana-Department of Aquaculture and Fisheries, Albania

Antonio Errico – Magna Grecia Mare Association, Port Museum of Tricase, Italy

Imad Lahoud – Ministry of Agriculture Dept. Fisheries, Lebanon

Giovanni Tumbiolo – Fishery and Blue Growth District, Sicilian Region, Italy