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Thanos Contargyris - Dialogos Ltd

Information brokerage and other e-services for SMEs. Market studies and strategic studies on innovative services and products. Delphi studies on Information Society and Industrial R&D. R&D Roadmaps and Impact studies(...) Read more.

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Jean-Noel Druon

Modelling and mapping of potential habitat of key marine species (tunas species, hake nurseries, fin whale, small pelagics); Marine fish productivity; Chloroplyll-a fronts and physical oceanographic covariates; Operational oceanography for(...) Read more.

  • Geographical working areasGlobal |


An independent SME working for space agencies and users of satellite imagery, coupling scientific research and engineering of complex environmental systems

  • Geographical working areasGlobal |


IMR is a Norwegian governmental research institute, with approx 700 employees Main activities is research in aquaculture, fisheries and the marine environment. The institutes owns two major aquaculture research stations(...) Read more.

  • Geographical working areasGlobal |

ARPA Veneto

ARPAV is a public body founded in 1996. The goal of the Agency is to control and preserve the environment in order to help the identification and elimination of risks(...) Read more.

  • Geographical working areasNational/local |

BMT Group Limited

Leading design, engineering, science, research, risk management, consultancy

  • Geographical working areasGlobal |

Christopher Bridges

Aquaculture, Diagnostics and Services, Tuna Aquaculture, Ocean Acidification

  • Geographical working areasGlobal |

Catherine Piante

EU project management on MPA management effectiveness / Maritime Spatial Planning / MedPAN Board Director

  • Geographical working areasRegional (only Mediterranean sea basin) |

David Shaw

Spatial planner with experience of working across Europe and more recently within the MENA region particularly Egypt. I have worked on many transnational projects and increasingly the interface between the(...) Read more.

  • Geographical working areasGlobal |

George Assonitis

Consultative services, implementation of EU projects

  • Geographical working areasGlobal |

Peter Pissierssens

Oceanographic data and information exchange, training and education, project management

  • Geographical working areasGlobal |

MedPAN network of Mediterranean MPA managers

Since 1990, the MedPAN network has brought together the managers of Mediterranean MPAs and has supported them in their management activities. In 2008, MedPAN became a legally independent organisation with(...) Read more.

  • Geographical working areasMediterranean (widespread) |

Business Development Agency

The "BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT AGENCY" was established by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Rethymno in 2007. It is a Non-Profit Organization. The aim of the company is: • The(...) Read more.

  • Geographical working areasNational/local |

WWF Mediterranean

MedTrends illustrates and maps the main scenarios of marine economic Med-EU countries for the next 20 years. Explore the impacts of human activities, the social and economic trends and the(...) Read more.

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